Sterling Ranch! Models Are Open!!!

The models are open! Well, at least two of them. The models are priced around… $700,000.00!! According to the sales staff. Those are totally decked out though and probably $50k-$100k more than the corresponding versions of these models that most people will be purchasing as these have every upgrade.

The thing that struck me the most is the very large kitchen islands in both models. Both were beautiful inside, but quite a bit higher priced than I had expected. The smallest Richmond model, the ranch style one, after the design center choices will probably be around the $550k mark, according to the sales center staff. This home is only 1900 sq feet. I take back what I have said in the past. I believe that All home in the Village will see a boost with Sterling Ranch. I thought that the Chatfield Farms homes would see a regression because they would be in direct price competition. However, equivalent sized homes are about $100k lower in that area.
Go and check them out if you have time. Worth the trip. Can’t wait for the rest of the models to open.

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