Listing Review for 7798 Brown Bear Way Littleton, CO 80125

Wow, the views on this home are pretty great for the price. Also, the walkout basement is a huge plus. Most of the home looks to be fairly original finishes. Not bad, just not super high-end.

The home looks very well cared for and in pretty good shape. However, the staging is pretty dated. It might take just the right person to see past that to see themselves in this home. Also, the basement remodel is really great, but it is not quite completed yet. Because this is being listed around $60k higher than the next sale in this area and sq footage, every thing that pulls away from perfect might have buyers think twice.

This home, while in very good condition, is listed quite a bit higher than recent sales in the area and sq footage. The only homes that are under contract/sold over $400k in this section of Roxborough were 400 sq feet larger than this home. 

This property is Listed by RE/MAX Edge

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